Online Businesses Should Read This To Engage More Customers Those who have been using the internet maybe wondering what Commerce Cloud is. First and foremost, it is cloudbased so this service is available via the internet through the service provider’s server. With that, it provides a better way for business and customers to keep in trough using any device. To be honest, there are so many applications similar to this available to users through the world wide web. Honestly speaking, there are so many reasons that make Commerce Cloud the best among competition applications. First is that Commerce Cloud was seasoned by industry experience through years of extensive development. Businesses that have been using this platform have seen better market dynamics, increased customers and provide their users with seamless shopping. As a matter of fact, Commerce Cloud is actually behind 2000 successful website from more than 50 countries. Moreover, Commerce Cloud boosts brands in a way that lets them grow two times faster compared to the industry rate, not to mention that they get to enjoy higher conversion rates at 40-60 person compared to those using other platforms. If these are not convincing enough, you might be delighted to know that this platform is hailed as the market leader by research and analysts companies like Gartner and Forrester. So, do not be left behind by the companies who have sold a combined $16 billion worth of merchandise online through this company.
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On the other side of the coin, what does a customer get out of Commerce Cloud? Customer enjoy a much better customer service experience while doing business with companies that use Commerce Cloud. Both repeat customers and potential customer can now reach online products and stores using any device. Moreover, customer can shop easier with the integration of shopping recommendations. Commerce Cloud has a way of gathering, analyzing and integrating customer data to make online shopping more convenient for both old and new customers. In addition, when customer have other concerns such as delivery, returns, or exchanges they can easily connect with retailers because of Commerce Cloud. Through commerce cloud, companies can reach their goals of delivering good customer service experience to build brand reputation and loyalty. With this platform, it is easy to become one of the over 300 million unique shoppers who enjoy online shopping at its finest.
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It is safe to say that Commerce Cloud provides positive experience not only to business that utilize it but to the customers that that business serves. Both the buyer and the seller in this online industry share one single success, but that is not all. There is a dedicated support team and expert consultant to handle technical and retail queries. Moreover, the Commerce Cloud global community provides window of opportunities using an online portal, for networking and collaborating with fellow retailers from other parts of the world. These show that Commerce Cloud should be an integral part of your business. Go here for more info.

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