Application of IOT IOT refers to amalgamated computing services, digital and mechanical machines, people, animals and objects offered by unique quantifiers. It is the potential to transfer data in networks. The movement does not call for human-to-computer and human-to-human interactions. Dropbox and iCloud services in Smartphones are the best examples of engineering IOT components. With these additions, Smartphones’ capacity is increased. Smartphone manufacturers design some tablets to replace laptops. Features of the ASUS Eee Pad Slider contains in-built slide-out keyboard. The ink-pen can be used to take notes on a Lenovo-a key example of engineering IOT technology. Lenovo Smartphones have alternative keyoards. This makes Smartphones effective in video editing. Already, the Quad HD Smartphones are in the market. The terminology is a reference to new super-sharp web-accessible cell phone resolution. The last decade has witnessed great strides in technology. The 720p and 1080p Smartphones were released into the market in 20111 and 2015 respectively. Quad HD Smartphones hit the market in 2016. G3 manufactured by LG is the first ultra-sharp resolution Smartphone in the market although. China already ha the G3 Smartphones in the market.
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Small Hydroelectric Turbines are notable examples. They apply current designs to develop the small hydroelectric turbine. The engineer uses miniaturization in designing features that help reclaim energy opportunities currently in small water companies. It is common to find water companies wasting pressure by using valves to reduce the same. IOT skills used in small hydroelectric turbine machines is the best alternative to Pump As Turbines (PAT).
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PAT existed as the only technology that reclaimed energy. The design of the turbine design accommodates different head pressures and flows through at 24/7. Small hydroelectric turbine machines aim at improving production of energy in the company application by more than fifty percent. The small hydroelectric turbine help the company in offsetting many tons of emissions (carbon). Engineering IOT knowledge ensures that the turbine does not harm the environment in any way. Skills and engineering knowledge used makes it easy to integrate the small hydroelectric turbine machines with other computer devices in many companies. They enhance effectiveness by using civil works and existing pipelines. Installation of the turbine makes it easy for companies to stream federal licenses as provided by the federal government. Already, companies have CAD/CAM methods entailed in prototyping hence easy to integrate with turbines. Once the company installs the small hydroelectric turbine machines, production takes less time. Morphological charts are other examples of engineering IOT components. Engineering IOT skills in this aspect use CAD methods to build a complete set of digital production drawings for application in CAD/CAM systems. Built Information & Drawings consider among others case design, hydraulics, gate, as well as other elements. The varied nature of scalable data accounts for variation in types and sizes of turbines. Computing techniques are crucial in integrating quick prototyping and CAM approaches used in fabricating exact casting wax injection. It applies injection molds within the complex 3D modeling components. The turbine examines other programs as well as FLUENT.

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