Our life is very precious, so we should make all efforts to lead it in a healthy way. A healthy body and mind is the key to smart living. In order to lead a healthylife we should consume a balanced diet. A balanced diet gives body the accurate vitamins and nutrients to function properly. To get a good nutrition, you should consume most of your calories in foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, etc. Stay away from junkfood as it not only clogs the body but also makes your mind dull. You tend to become inactive and overall productivity falls down.

Some of the ways how you can live smartly and healthily are mentioned below:


The first step towards healthy living is regular exercise.It helps in your fitness and burns the excess amount of calories consumed due to unhealthy food habits. You can do any form of exercise such as swimming, walking, running, yoga, aerobics etc. Make it a routine to at least dedicate 4- 5 days of the week for exercising. Some common exercises which improve the overall well being of the body are mentioned below:


Jumping Jacks

Plank Holds


Leg Raises

Bicep Curls


Balanced Diet

Another thing which helps you lead healthy life is balanced diet. Your diet should provide you good amount of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. For protein and carbohydrate, a minimum of one egg should be consumed per day, followed by bread or potatoes. Meats like chicken and fish also help in the body’s well being. A daily routine like this will help maintaining ideal body weight. An average of 7 liters of water should be consumed per day.

Without proper nutrition, your body will become more prone to diseases, infection, fatigue, etc. Children with a bad diet have the risk of growth problems and poor academic performance. The CSPI has stated that 4 out of top 10 leading causes of death in the United States of America is mainly because of poor diet. There has been sharp rise in lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes over past few years and all this can be attributed to improper food habits.

Proper dressing

Your overall appearance depends a lot on how you dress. Also dress neatly and according to your body type. For instance, if you are little fat, wearing body hugging clothes will accentuate your faulty areas. Pay proper heed to hygiene as nobody wants to be around someone who smells bad or dresses in dirty clothes. Also, dress according to the weather. Wearing tight clothes in sticky weather will undoubtedly make you feel uncomfortable. Along with clothes, you must also pay heed to your footwear. Opt for comfortable footwear as wrong footwear can lead to a host of health issues.

Avoid smoking and drinking

People who smoke and drink are at enhanced risk of health issues such as blood pressure, diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, cancer etc. Avoid smoking completely. Drinking should be done occasionally but if your doctor recommends total abstinence you must agree to the same. These unhealthy habits sap the energy, and make a person lose out on his youthfulness.

So, these are some of the things you should keep in mind if you wish to lead a healthy and smart life.

Key to living healthy and smart