How to Find a Good Dog Crate One of the most useful but expensive things you’ll ever buy for your dog is a crate. Most especially when you own a big dog. Deciding what type of crate you should buy can prove to be a problem. Whether it should be plastic metal or should have wheels are some of the questions you will need to ask yourself. At the end of it all you will have to settle on one. Your personal preferences and your dog’s needs are what will determine your decision. The following are the things you need to know for you to be able to find a good crate for your dog. Make sure that the disadvantages don’t outweigh the advantages even though all types of crates have a positive and negative side. In case you travel by air a lot, a soft-sided crate will be appropriate for your dog. This is because they are light and this makes them portable. If no longer needed you can always store them away since they are foldable. Most of them are approved for flights in the cabin. If your dog is unsettled in nature and does a lot of chewing or scratching, don’t go for a soft-sided crate. Plastic crates are mostly purchased by family owners. If by any chance you are one, this is the crate your dog needs. They can be easily cleaned and last for a long period of time. If you have multiple dogs, you can put the crates together when not in use. These crates have solid sides and since most dogs like this, they become less irritable. Most of these crates have also been approved for flights as cargo. They are created from plastic and so your dog may be tempted to chew from the outside. Remember that plastic can absorb odor therefore with time the smell may become permanent. They have a lot of weight and are hard to disassemble.
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Wire or metal crates are what you need to go for if you are a show dog kind of person. Features from both the soft-sided and plastic crates are what it’s made up of. They are foldable just like the soft-crates and this makes them portable. Just like plastic crates, metal crates can be easily hosed off. It allows for circulation of air and doesn’t absorb smell since it’s made from metal. Breaking through has proven to be difficult for most dogs. But it’s bad for sensitive dogs. With time most of them rust. They are also the most bulky.
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A combination of metal and plastic crates makes up the combo crates which are another alternative you need to put into consideration. They are very hard to install without a helping hand and are also quite heavy. The plastic also don’t fit in place as well as they should. Whether or not it is good for you depends on what you want so think about it and decide.

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