Travelling to Japan Americans travelling to Japan will be greatly impacted with the difference in their culture and their values, which are typically opposite each other. In Japan, they have a respect for order and they emphasize on plant life, and they do not talk loudly as most Americans do, calling each other out from a distance. The basic difference between the American and the Japanese is that most Americans think of themselves as independent and individualistic while Japanese people are obligated to society and are interdependent. If one visits a place that is so dramatically opposite to what he is used to, he experiences being exposed to an entirely new culture, and this is a most overpowering experience that can be both exhilarating and an eye opening experience. You will then become sensitive to their distinct language, sights and smells which is a good opportunity for you to learn about yourself, a good way to teach you how to think on your feet and to try to adapt to the new culture while you are there. Even though there are similar activities from place to place, Japan has become a popular tourist destination. It is easy to travel to Japan because of visa exemptions, but other than this, the boom of tourism in Japan is on the rise since it has managed to address the difficulty that travelers encounter because of language barriers, food, and direction. Also internet access is everywhere in Japan that will make it a lot easier to translate their language and allows you to keep contact with other people while you are traveling.
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Also, Japan is said to be one of the safest countries in the world ranking no. 8. The culture of Japan makes them a kind people and always ready to help those who are in trouble.
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But, even if is safe to travel In Japan, it would be better to use the services of a travel agency. The reason for this is if you try to plan your travel to Japan on your own, you can get yourself very confused, consider that online you get every possible option that you can have from choice of cruise lines, airlines, hotels, and tours, and you can be intimidated with the long lists, plus you need to spend hours on end trying to get yourself the best combination that will give you the best possible deals. Many Americans have already used travel agencies to book their travel, and one advantage of using the services of a reputable travel agency is that they will give you the best possible transport-hotel combination for a good price, and let you enjoy the places where most Americans have enjoyed previous to your trip. Visiting a country that has its own distinct culture and values, different from yours would really be something to look forward to and something to cherish after the whole experience is complete.

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