How to Find the Most Suitable Golf Courses for Your Playing Level

Golf is one of the most popular individual sports out there. In any one golf course, you will find both professionals and amateurs sharpening their skills. Due to the fact that some people play professionally and others for fun, there is a wide ability gap among players. If you want to enjoy your game, you have to choose a suitable golf course for your playing ability. Some courses are designed with professionals in mind while some are more accommodating to amateurs. If you are planning on testing your skills on a new course, use the following pointers to help you choose one.

As a golfing enthusiast, there is a high chance that you know other players who share your passion. There is also a chance that you know players with more experience playing on different golf courses. Ask such people for tips and they will direct you to suitable courses. Those who know your game very well and have experience playing in many courses can give you useful leads. Such people will provide you with a few options and you can then choose one using other considerations.

Another way of finding a suitable golf course is by consulting a professional. Most golf courses have some PGA experts who work either as trainers or in other capacities. Get one of the professionals who know your playing ability and ask them for suitable golf courses. Your trainer is especially well positioned to offer useful recommendations.

The internet will also help you find an appropriate golf course for your playing level. If you are looking for a description and the specs of individual golf courses, you will find it on their website. Knowing your game, choose the course that is doable but still challenging to you. Read comments posted on other websites about players’ experience playing in the course. You should especially look for comments from players on your level.

Every player should know their drive length or yardage when they reach a certain playing level. At a certain level, every player will have a certain average figure for their drive length. You can then use this figure to help you choose a course with an appropriate length between the holes. This is because you want to complete the course within the allowable strokes.

Finally, you should visit the shortlisted courses on their demo day and learn more about them. On demo days, players get the opportunity to be oriented to the course and play some golf. Most golf courses do not charge playing fees during the demo days. Simply put this is the best way to determine if a certain course is appropriate for your playing level. You can however only take advantage of demo days if the golf courses in question are within driving distance.

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